Car Hire USA - Cheap & Easy

Renting a car in the USA doesn't always go as simple as planned. First you would need to work out what type of vehicle you require, then do some investigation to ensure the vehicle is available. Thankfully there are lots of great websites around where you can compare car rental. I would not suggest going to each and every car rental company website and individually searching each supplier - you are simply wasting your time. Comparison engines are a better way to find the best car hire prices from all the agents in one simple to use matrix. Alot of factors will come into consideration when choosing a car - below we will guide you through some of these factors.


Is this your main driver for choosing a car? If so, then all you would need to do is sort the vehicles by price in your desired pickup location and the lowest price wins. Whether or not this is a suitable car brings us onto the next factor.

Make / Model of Vehicle

This is an important factor, however not many car rental companies will give you 100% guarantee that this would be the car that you receive when you go to pick it up. Why? Think of the number of people going in and out of airports hiring cars, and think of the number of makes/models that these car hire suppliers have. It is not an easy feat trying to juggle everyones requirements. So usually the rental companies will give you an "example car" that you may possibly get - they put these example cars into a "Class" - hence this Class could contain a Ford Taurus, VW Polo or a Nissan Micra - of which the company will have many - but they cannot guarantee which make/model will be available. Consumers must therefore make a decision on the "type" of vehicle they require - ie. Small / Medium / Intermediate / Prestige for example and not be too disappointed if the car they had their hearts set on is not available when they get to the counter.


For some, this is a factor - other consumers don't really care. Is the car rental supplier a well known name like Avis, Hertz, Budget or Thrifty? Or is it a no name supplier that only operates in one city? Is it a large supplier or a small chain? Personally I like to have a well known supplier if I am travelling to a big city - however if I am travelling to a small island in the Caribbean for example, I cannot expect that all the big names are going to be available. I have had some great experiences with smaller car hire agencies however there are also some horror stories! It is really hit and miss, but if the price is too good to be true, or the agent wants some extraordinary amount as a deposit or simply looks shoddy, then I would stay away.

Is it a good deal?

Is is a cheap car rental or not? There is a difference between cheap and affordable car rental as you don't want to be stingy. Have you looked at other options? Last minute deals and coupons are out there if you look hard enough! Explore all your options before choosing the best car rental for your needs.


Location is also key to getting what you want. You don't want to be walking all over the city or getting taxis from car depot to the airport or hotel. Always look at the car hire location before choosing a car so you know where the depot is in vicinity to your hotel, home, office or destination. Do you need to look at a site that has USA car hire only, or a site that has global reach. A website with global reach will likely give you better deals as they would have agents in lots of locations.

So there you have it. Car hire is simple when you know what to do and how to go about it!

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