Car Hire after the Brisbane Floods

Brisbane's current flood disaster is a reminder of mother natures might and power. The current scene is typical of a post war zone. Buildings destroyed, people left homeless and destitute, cars damaged, looting, and evacuation centres swarming with people.

Current figures indicate up to 11,900 properties would be fully flooded "with water across the whole property footprint'', and 14,700 partially affected. This along with 2500 businesses fully affected, and another 2500 partially affected. A modern metropolis such as Brisbane will take years to recover from such a disaster.

Some good news has been received today that the water in the city is now receding, however where to now?

The police and army will move in to begin a massive cleanup and the thousands of people who moved to higher ground will return to their homes to find out the extent of the damage. Money and support will roll in, however the loss will be too great for some with deaths likely and treasured possessions all but washed away. Luckily a modern city such as Brisbane will quickly rebuild and life will get back to some normality.

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